Why Time Illuminated?

A couple of months ago, I was interviewed by the wonderful Malika Daya for the University of Toronto Scarborough's magazine, The Underground. During this interview I was asked why I chose the name Time Illuminated? This got me thinking that a blog post is probably a good way to also let you, blog readers and customers, know a little bit more about the brand and why Time Illuminated? 

When I found my grandfather's cameras from the 70's (refer to 'The Artist') I was immediately inspired to start experimenting with the idea of artefacts and treasures of the past. With the goal of bringing light to the present through the eyes of the past, I developed my first series called Artefacts. 

I knew I needed to come up with a name for this experience and the concept of time was something that I kept coming back to in my film photographs. Given that I am “going backwards in time” by using these film cameras and seeing how they contrast and juxtapose my settings of the present, Time Illuminated seemed fitting. I began to truly have a goal and purpose. I knew I wanted to illuminate the better times and tell stories of time through film photography. And that’s when the idea of the phone cases came about, by using past time and present time to put together something that would exist in the future. I also appreciated the irony of using a photograph from a 70's camera and putting it on 21st century phone cases. I knew Time Illuminated was the right name for this brand  because it encapsulates not only my stories, but also stories of others that I share this unifying language of photography with. I’m illuminating the better times, the times we are living in today, and connecting film photographers and storytellers alike through the one thing that connects us the most, our smartphones. 

The article has been published in The Underground, and if you have some time please do feel free to check it out and read more about Time Illuminated, my story and my work!

With love & gratitude,

Tam (Time Illuminated)

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