Bodies in Light & Shadow

As a photographer, I love seeing natural light that makes me gasp of excitement. I live for those moments where you have to stop your friends just to take a photo of something in the said lighting.

Around 3pm EST on a most beautiful Sunday in March, I coincidentally happened to have my digital camera while at my friend's place. This was one of those *gasp* moments where I knew I had to capture something in the light. Since I am a fan of the way that bodies move, I began to play around with different body parts in shadow and light. While this was just an experiment with human gestures and natural source of sunlight coming together, I never close the door to any series that I start - always open to more ideas and inspiration in the future.

Below is a series of photographs that were taken using my Canon 20D DSLR, with the intent of making the most out of this striking illumination of mid- afternoon light.


Leo Tolstoy once said; "All the variety, all the charm, all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow." Illuminate the better times.

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